Placeholder SKUs Show Up in Best Buy's Inventory in Preparation for iPad or New MacBook Pros?

A while back, MacBook Pro SKUs mysteriously disappeared from Best Buy's inventory system. We thought that this could be signaling that the long-awaited MacBook Pro refresh is finally near.


The three new SKUs appearing in the inventory database now could either be those new MacBook Pros or they could be the Wi-Fi only iPads. Either way, there seems to be something new headed in our way. We just don't have enough information to get excited over yet. [MacRumors via Engadget]



This just sounds like corporate espionage coupled with Geek Squad's ineffective new "Death Squad" division. Uncontrolled leaks like these are what caused Circuit City and, to a lesser extent, Joe's Computer Experts (on 7th street) to fail.

This kind of reporting leads only to lost sponsorships and new enemies, something that I think Giz has been working valiantly to stop since that dude with that hair did that thing on that one thing. You know the thing. It's that... you know, shit nevermind.