Plastic Cthulhu Demands Tribute In This Awesome Legends Of Cthulhu Retro TV Spot

Last month, we brought you a first look at Warpo’s cool, old-school advertising for its 12” Cthulhu action figure. Now the Great One is back, and this time he hungers for the minds of his action figure subordinates. Can Cthulhu be stopped? Find out in this exclusive look at a new TV spot!

Warpo’s whole theme with Legends of Cthulhu has been to bring back the retro aesthetic for Lovecraftian horror. While the figures themselves have been pretty fantastic at doing that, it really comes through in these adverts. Rarely do companies embracing this “revival” of classic-styled toys akin to the likes of Kenner’s output go the whole hog and do adverts too, but it’s awesome.Here’s Warpo president Bryan Katzel on why the company wanted to evoke all those nostalgic memories of Toy ads from long ago:

A huge part of the nostalgia with toys from the 80’s is the tv commercials associated with them. Content and story was so hard to come by as a kid during that era, you would devour any information you could find and if you were lucky to have a VCR this included recording tv commercials to glean all the fantastic details from it that you could. In the second part of our Cthulhu: The Great Old One commercial series we worked hard to give the video that feeling of being an ‘uploaded artifact’. A rip from some old VHS tape that was used over and over again to capture story lines for some kid’s sandbox adventures.


Warpo’s giant sized Cthulhu—which we exclusively debuted earlier this year—will demand the tribute of $80 when he arrives in November. You wouldn’t say no to an Elder God, would you? Didn’t think so. Open those wallets, Cthulhu fhtagn!

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