How the United States can collapse and fall on a Black Friday

Our complex society is so fragile that a virus—spreading through cash and products sold during Black Friday—would bring it to its knees in a couple of days. That's the premise of this impressive video by motion graphic designer Patrick Clair—the guy who created the awesome True Detective intro.

The video was created as a teaser for Tom Clancy's The Division, a new apocalyptical multiplayer online game.


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Oohh.. I'm going to pass this along to my 'prepper' friend just so I can hear him expound on how dead on Patrick was with this depiction! and how the 'sheeple' (that's me) just don't 'get it'....ohh.. and I'm sure there will be at least one mention about how this could happen because Obama did this or that...

This is the same friend who 2 years ago liquidated everything he had into soap, toilet paper and ammo.. because you know that's gonna be the new currency once the market collapses next week! I did not follow his lead.. instead I've had the pleasure of watching my Stock portfolio earn a 47% return and my kids Roth is now 5 years ahead of schedule.. Living a life of fear?..Nope! not for me..