Psion's Netbook Copyright Fight Is Officially Dead in the Water

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As rumored, Psion's dickish legal claim to own the word "Netbook" is officially over thanks to Intel.

Psion PLC announces that Psion and Intel Corporation have settled the trade mark cancellation and infringement litigation brought in the Northern District of California relating to the ‘Netbook' trademark registration.

The litigation has been settled through an amicable agreement under which Psion will voluntarily withdraw all of its trademark registrations for ‘Netbook'. Neither party accepted any liability. In light of this amicable agreement, Psion has agreed to waive all its rights against third parties in respect of past, current or future use of the ‘Netbook' term.


They don't say exactly what caused this change of heart, probably because saying "Intel gave us a stack of cash and told us to piss off" doesn't sound very professional. [SlashGear via CrunchGear]