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PSP Online Store - What It Is and Where It's Going

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Stephen T of MTV Multiplayer's got a huge interview with the Director of PlayStation Network Operations, Eric Lempel, a man partially responsible for the recent rollout of the PSP Online Store. Right, that's the same store that lets you download games and demos onto your PSP from your computer. Here are some of the highlights.


Besides getting small games in the same arena as PS3's flow onto the PSP (not going to happen right now, but may come in the future), Eric also says it's a way to distribute PSOne titles without the PS3.

Looking in the future, stuff like iTunes-esque syncing of content when your PSP is docked is a possibility, more UMD titles available and lack of support for PSOne titles that use dual analog controls (because the PSP doesn't support it). Other than that, there's not much really fantastic stuff unless you count some handwaving about future Mac support, but head on over if you're really interested in downloading titles to your PSP via your PC. [MTV]