Psystar Update: Automatic Updates Activated Plus New Quieter Case

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Psystar, the company that's shipping hacked versions of OS X Leopard in off-the-shelf hardware, has just updated their product to address some of the main complaints in their recent reviews. The biggest change is that they're rigging up a custom version of Automatic Update (the thing that didn't work at all in their old version) to push "safe" updates from their site, not directly from Apple. That's because installing updates from Apple would possibly break their hacked version of Leopard, forcing all their customers to send back units for repair.


If you already purchased a machine, you can download an update to enable this. Second, they're shipping a newer case with a quieter fan. It doesn't seem like they've found a way to control fan speed yet, or they could have just seeded an update for that to people who are stuck with the louder, full speed one. Our recommendation is still a "don't buy" for these guys, partially for their lousy tech support, as well as for several other reasons.



I don't think we should hate them. Or like them. Why don't we just be ambivalent? That way, if they succeed we can say we always knew it.

If they get sued into oblivion and then bung-raped by steve's peruvian maid with elephantitis hands, we can say we always knew it.

Sounds foolproof to me. Of course, I can't hear anything over my case fan anyway.