Rachel McAdams As Black Cat? Yes, Please

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The Spidey rumors are tingling. Could we possibly be seeing Rachel McAdams in head to toe leather? If she gets cast as Felicia Hardy, aka the Black Cat, in Spider-Man 4, then yes. But she's not the only one auditioning.


Mania is reporting based on inside sources that McAdams has met with producers for Spider-Man 4 and is the "top contender" for the role of The Black Cat. Let's hope she's the number one pick — McAdams is not only gorgeous, but she sells her characters hard. And she'll have to walk a tightrope to play a slightly unstable, tortured cat burglar, especially since everyone will most likely compare this character to Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman in Batman Returns, even thought they're very different characters.

But also reportedly in the running for Black Cat is Romola Garai, who starred in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Slashfilm pointed out that in The Observer she comments about "putting something on tape for a part in Spider-Man 4." And rumors are also running wild that she may also be playing The Black Cat.

Whoever gets cast in the part, we're cautiously optimistic about the Black Cat joining the films — Spider-Man needs a female character who isn't always getting kidnapped.

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black cat was one of the hottest girls ever drawn in comics. but the pairing never made sense in the comics b/c peter is dorky! but we didn't care b/c she was so hot. but it wouldn't make sense to show a super hot girl with dorky toby. rachel is very cute which would pair well in reality, but she far from smoking hot. do we want a "realistic" take on superheroes? or do we want the goddess as black cat? #rachelmcadams