RankMyHack Gives You Achievement Points for Your Ballsiest Cyber Attacks

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2011 has seen some of the most brazen, daring cyber attacks to date, from the Arizona police to BART quite recently. It's a bad time to be even a medium-sized name on the net. So let's turn this into a game, shall we?

RankMyHack.com is an old-fashioned leaderboard for the "hacking elite." After signing up, you get points by breaking through the defenses of bigger and badder companies and organizations. Player can put out bounties on sites who they perceive as evil or just plain fun to mess with. And you can also challenge other members to dueling matches with their own time limits and stakes. It's all very in-depth and immersive... and even a little scary.

Not that think this so called gamification of hacker culture is going to bring down civilization as we know it. But having explored the site a little bit, one can see that with the right tools and some guidance you can start racking up points and making a name for yourself. Remember the single French girl who hacked her way into BART a few weeks ago. She said it was easy. A site like this could potentially give people a target to aim their blossoming hacker skills at.


Or, you know. Groups could, conversely, check out the site themselves and see if they should start beefing up their security in a hurry. [Washington Post]

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I skipped the article to comment that the kid in the picture gave me the goosebumps. He needs to get ahold of his nerd rage.