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Read Quentin Tarantino's adorable letter to a 13-year-old From Dusk Till Dawn fan

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In 1996, a 13-year-old fan of Robert Rodriguez's vampire flick From Dusk Till Dawn wrote a friendly letter to Quentin Tarantino, lauding his portrayal of psychotic bank robber Richie Gecko. Here's the director's handwritten reply to his young fan.

The spelling errors are Tarantino's, who suffers from dyslexia:

Dear Sarah

Thank you for your very lovley letter. It's the best letter I've gotten all year long. I'm glad you loved "Dusk", it was one of my favrote times making a movie. And I feel my best performance so far. It's cool to hear a girl into horror flicks.

Rock on Sarah!!

Do you know about Itallion horror film maker Mario Bava? He did Blood and Black Lace, Black Sunday and Black Sabbith. He's one of my favrotes. I read your letter to Mira, she loved it too. Write me anytime. I can't wait for you to get your hands on a camera too.

With all my love


P.S. Sarah, since you liked Dusk so much, coming out soon is a movie we did about the making of "Dusk" called "Full Tilt Boogie". It shows how much fun we had. I hope you like it.


Three things are utterly charming/ridiculous about this letter:

1.) Tarantino played a ruthless, teenager-ogling, twisted killer in From Dusk Till Dawn opposite a super-sexy George Clooney with a neck tattoo. (He was also nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actor for this role.)


2.) A middle-schooler was struck by this performance enough to write him a fan letter.

3.) As much as I love From Dusk Till Dawn ("C'mon, Sex Machine!"), it's not the most 13-year-old-friendly movie out there.


Also, Full Tilt Boogie refers to the documentary Sarah Kelley directed about the production of FDTD. The "Mira" Tarantino references is Mira Sorvino, whom Tarantino had been dating at the time. You can see her letter to Sarah at Letters of Note.