Real Weather Girls App Brings Weather For Lonely Creepsters

Weather HD is Weather, but with pretty visualizations of in movie form. But what if you're a guy that wants to creepily follow pretty girls around instead of looking at clouds? Today is your lucky day.

This Real Weather Girls app is a mix of those Japanese girlfriend simulators, channels for oversharing on YouTube, and mundane updates on Facebook. Sound exciting? Then get ready to spend $3. Watch the video to get a sense of what it's like to watch girls not talk about the weather.


There is one girl per major city, and you can assign one to be your default girl that shows up whenever you check the temperature. But don't think you're limited to just one girl, weirdos. You can follow each one of their video updates as they go to restaurants, eat sandwiches on roofs with their roommates, describe their day of auditioning and much, much less. It is, I suppose, one way to pretend that you have pretty friends, but you'll have to be fairly lonely to go down this route.

And for those of you who thought these videos would be skin-filled and tantalizing, it's not. You'll find little pleasure in their vlog updates, unless you enjoy fully-clothed women talking about their day. In which case, get married already and quit spending $3 on shitty apps. [iTunes]

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This girl in the video preview pic looks like a russian I met at a Jazz pub.

I didn't have sex with her, even tough she wanted and I was tempted. I don't cheat so... Wait, what was the article about?