Reboot Fever May Help Spawn Return

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With the success of Star Trek, The Dark Knight and even Casino Royale, movie audiences have shown that they're perfectly happy with a good reboot. So how will they feel about Spawn starting all over?


Spawn creator Todd McFarlane spilled the beans about his hoped-for reboot to MTV's Splash Page blog:

The thing I've had in my head for a long time isn't a big comic-book movie... Everything's real; it's like ‘The Departed,' ‘L.A. Confidential' or something like that - and there's only one thing out of the ordinary in the story I've written, which is the thing people know as Spawn. And only a few people see it.To me, it's more along the lines of ‘Jaws,' where you didn't see [the shark] for half the movie, and then you caught glimpses of him. 'Jaws was somewhat fantastic in that movie, and to keep it low-budget I can't have spaceships and super-villains and all that stuff.

Instead, what you'll see, apparently, is an undead guy in black clothes:

[Y]ou'll never see Spawn in his full regalia, because to me, he's more of a sentinel, like a living shadow. I've shown the artwork [to potential investors] and he's all black; he doesn't look exactly like what people have seen in the comic book.

Call me cynical, but this seems as if McFarlane has forgotten that all of Spawn's fans like the comic because of the art. Storywise, it's a generic mess of "Guy dies, comes back for revenge" with a time-limit built-in for cheap suspense. You lose the over-the-top visuals and try to make it "real," and you lose everything that made the character popular in the first place. But what do you think?

Todd McFarlane Reveals ‘Spawn' Reboot Details, New Character Costume [MTV Splash Page]



Corpore Metal

Ugh. Reboots. I hate the use of this word in this context.

And why to do they want to reboot Marvel content I don't care about?

Hey, why don't they reboot the Fantastic Four and do it the way Jack Kirby and Stan Lee intended? Try to give it an 60s Outer Limits/Right Stuff feel mixed with Hippy psychedelia thrown in, especially when they go to the Negative Zone and meet Galactus. Sort of like the Incredibles only serious.

You can keep Mike Chiklis as the Ever Lovin' Blue Eyed Thing. He makes a good Thing and has the build for it. Dump the rest.

Gimme a teen aged Human Torch. Give me a Dr. Doom I can believe in. Give me a Reed Richards I can believe in. Give me a Sue Storm I can believe in.

Argh. I can't believe how much I hate the way they did Fantastic Four.