Movies and food will forever be intertwined—just try and imagine a trip to the theater without a tub of popcorn or a box of gummy bears. Some of Hollywood’s most memorable scenes involve food too, which you can now relive—at least through their smells—with this new scratch and sniff book.

Palatable Pictures, from publisher Belly Kids, features 11 different food-related scenes from memorable movies all illustrated by different artists. These include everything from the infamous pie eating competition in Stand By Me, to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’s chilled monkey brains, to the lobster scene in Annie Hall.

Not only are the illustrations individual works of art, but every page allows the reader to scratch and sniff to experience the smells associated with each movie. But Belly Kids hasn’t specified what smells are revealed as you scratch every page in the $10 book, so here’s to hoping there are no unpleasant surprises. After all, that pie eating scene in Stand By Me included more than just delicious pies.

[Belly Kids]



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