Everybody Loves a Corpse-Eating Robot...Nobody Loves 1.8" Hard Drives...Everex Is Dead (Wait, Who?)...Guns N' Roses N' Piracy Don't Mix...

Leave it to Fox News to read a website saying a robot can fuel itself on "biomass...and other organically-based energy sources...as well as use conventional and alternative fuels"—in other words, switchgrass, diesel fuel and vegetable oil—and jump to the immediate conclusion that this means dead bodies. The weirdest part is that Fox went so far as to suggest that these scrumptious corpses would be "plentiful in a war zone." Just tell me, o unnamed author, did writing that actually arouse you? [Fox News via HardOCP via CrunchGear]


Here's one I'm a little bit sad about: The end of the 1.8" hard disk drive is nigh. Ars reports that Samsung and Toshiba are having a damn hard time selling their 240GB and 250GB 1.8-inchers, mostly because flash memory is cheap and capacities are higher than ever. Nobody needs to carry that much media on their person. What this really means, though, is that the iPod Classic, possibly the biggest customer of 1.8" drives, is dying out too. Come September, we'll know the score. [Ars Technica]

Speaking of gadget demise, Everex, most recently makers of the Cloudbook and the gPC, went out of business. I don't miss 'em, do you? Avram at Laptop is actually happy about it—so happy he made this beautiful tombstone—so I guess that's that. [Laptop]


Pop Quiz: What punishment do you get if you posted nine pre-released tracks from Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy on your up-and-coming music blog?
a) One-year probation
b) Two months' home confinement
c) An engagement to produce an anti-piracy announcement with the RIAA
d) All of the above
Answer: D, according to today's news about citizen-pirate-blogger Kevin "Skwerl" Cogill. What you don't get is a year in prison, a $371,000 fine, or anything but positive publicity for your website. So much for setting an example, RIAA. And congrats, Skwerl, though I should let you know, it's spelled S-Q-U-I-R-R-E-L. You are so nuts! [Wired]


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