Zoom users won’t need to do anything on their end, either. Just log-in and connect to a session. If you’re an educator or someone in another profession who hasn’t had to deal with the 40-minute cap for the school year so far, nothing changes for you—except maybe being the one to coordinate and host the Zoom session.

The cap lifts on November 26, 12 am ET, and goes back into effect on November 27, 6 am ET. Here’s the same in a few other time zones:

Of course, there are other video conferencing tools that you can use for free, like Google Meet and Skype. But Zoom has quickly become the most popular thanks to its easy-t0-navigate interface and the massive amount of people it can host in a single session. Not to mention schools were early adopters of the program. Just remember to passcode and create a waiting room for your virtual Thanksgiving get-together. No one likes a Zoombomber.