Report: Amazon's Streaming Music Service Will Only Have Older Tunes

Illustration for article titled Report: Amazons Streaming Music Service Will Only Have Older Tunes

Buzzfeed reports that the rumored Amazon Prime streaming music service will launch this June or July, and that will only contain songs that have been out for six months or longer. That way it'll be an added service for its own customers without providing a comparable alternative to services like Beats Music and Spotify that have all the fresh hits.

Rumors about the Amazon service have been circulating for a long time, and it seems like a natural evolution of both Amazon's offering and streaming music for some music to come bundled with your Amazon account. As Buzzfeed quite rightly points out, the major players in streaming music pay huge licensing fees for their expansive catalogs so limiting the service to a slightly less current selection could help Amazon shave some zeros off the price tag.

Of course, we won't know for sure what's coming until we see it, and if Buzzfeed is right about the timing, we'll know soon enough. [Buzzfeed]


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I will take it if it is bundled in Prime. New music is crap anyway.