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Report: Apple's Hiring Fashionistas To Help Flog Its Watch

Illustration for article titled Report: Apples Hiring Fashionistas To Help Flog Its Watch

With the impending launch of the Apple Watch, many people have been wondering how a company geared towards selling gadgets to techies will flog $5,000 fashion accessories to Vogue editors. According to documents seen by 9to5Mac, the solution lies in hiring fashion-concious staff.


The site claims to have seen "internal hiring documents" that say Apple is hiring retail staff with a "fashion or luxury background". Logically, they'd be selling the Apple Watch to interested individuals in Apple Stores — and quite possibly, this could mean the demise of the legendary Apple Genius T-shirt in favor of something a little more classy.

Separate from this revelation, there's also the question of physical security. Apple Stores have been the target of smash-and-grab raids before, and it's eminently possible that the Apple Watch will make them even more attractive for thieves. For one thing, unlike iPhones, the Apple Watch doesn't have a cellular connection, so stolen units can't be blacklisted by Apple so easily. In addition, if the high-end models do end up costing several thousand dollars, the haul for thieves would be much, much bigger.


Whether that just means more broad-shouldered security guards hanging around the entrance, or a move towards a showroom-style store with little inventory on hand is unclear, but either way, it's very likely that Apple's latest product may cause some fundamental changes to the Apple Store Experience. [9to5Mac]

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The nay sayers have such short memories.

Anyone remember that silly tablet Apple released a few years back? Remember how everyone said it was just a giant iPhone. And why would someone need it? blah blah. They weren't the first tablet by any stretch. Microsoft and others had tried multiple devices. The difference with Apple is when their users get the product in their hands and see how well it integrates with the existing Apple ecosystem. I wouldn't bet against Apple on this.

(FYI, for reference I was also one of those who thought the iPad was a bad idea originally. And had to eat my words)