Report: Intel Is Planning Targeted TV Advertising With Facial Recognition

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Reuters is reporting that Intel is pursuing a creepy little venture, in conjunction with cable providers, which involves a set-top box, recognizing your face and then targeting ads.


The report suggests that, while the technology wouldn't go as far as identifying individuals, it could provide data such as age and gender. From there, it would be easy to target ads, depending on the demographic sat in front of the TV.

Apparently Intel is already in talks with content providers to negotiate how it could be rolled out, and how specific channels could be targeted in the first instance. It's easy to see the attraction for the companies involved: in theory, such a system should significantly improve the ability to generate ad revenue. The report also suggests that Intel is hopeful that it could roll a system out by the end of the year.


No doubt you're thinking that you would never agree to have such a system installed in your home. And quite right, too: in fact, it's hard to see how any consumer would be convinced they wanted to experience such an invasion of privacy. But what if your cable subscription received a healthy discount as a result? Everyone, after all, has a price. [Reuters via The Verge]

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I'm one of those people who "background watch" TV, its actually to the side of my computer monitor, and I very rarely face it directly. So unless its gonna facial recgnoize my anime poster, I'm kinda useless.

Which raises a question for normal people, what about those who get up and walk away during commercials, I mean, is it gonna do the recognition during the show, or just at commercial time? Cause the later is the kinda grave oversight you expect, if I'm honest, and probably makes the system useless there as well.

Unobtrusive cable discounts please.

EDIT: The original question was supposed to be what does it do when it doesn't detect anyone?