Report: T-Mobile Is Finally Getting the iPhone Tomorrow

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The saga of T-Mobile and the iPhone is full of twists and turns and fakeouts and missed connections. Every year a new iPhone comes out, every year T-Mobile gets left out of the cool kids club (which is basically every other carrier at this point). That changed in 2012, when T-Mobile announced that it would get the iPhone sometime in 2013. According to CNET, "sometime in 2013" means tomorrow.


T-Mobile is hosting a press event tomorrow and CNET's sources says that the iPhone will "play a prominent role in tomorrow's "Uncarrier" event". If true, it might mean that the iPhone on T-Mobile will come with no contract (and no subsidy)—that's different from the usual sign your life away iPhone deal with AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Also, T-Mobile is also expected to launch its ass kicking LTE network so an iPhone 5 on T-Mobile may be able to take advantage of the fresh four gees. It's all unconfirmed as of now but we'll find out for sure if tomorrow is the day that T-Mobile finally grows up and gets its iPhone. [CNET]



Wouldn't anyone who really wanted an iPhone by now have already switched to a different carrier?