DigitalCameraInfo has reportedly gotten ahold of the specs and images of two of Sony's new Alpha digital cameras, the A7 and the A7R. We don't know how they shoot yet, but they sure look nice.

The A7, pictured above, will supposedly have 24 megapixels, and cost around $1700 for just the body. In the top photo, it's been matched up with a 28-70 mm lens. Apparently with both the lens and the camera, you're looking at a $2000 kit. Below is the A7R, which is the real beast; it's purported to have 36 megapixels, and it'll reportedly run $2200 for just the body.


Additionally, these cameras will reportedly include tiltable LCD screens on the back, Wi-Fi, and NFC. The A7 and the A7R are rumored to also have LAEA Full Frame A to E-mount adapters and work with NEX APS-C lenses as well. Sony has an event scheduled for this coming Wednesday, so we'll get more details then. [DigitalCameraInfo via SonyAlphaRumors via SlashGear]