Report: Verizon iPhone Coming In January

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Bloomberg is reporting that Verizon will begin offering the iPhone in January. That's according to their two unnamed sources "familiar with the plans," although no more details were provided. It's in line, though, with the last several months of rumblings.


The timing is notably slightly different from the WSJ's previous report of a Verizon-Apple handset coming fall, and it's unclear if it will be new hardware or just a CDMA iPhone 4. Or, more intriguingly, a 4G LTE iPhone 4. A point in favor of a January launch: AT&T and Apple's exclusivity agreement should be running its course just about then. It would also give Verizon an ideal opportunity to show off its shiny new toy in front of the entire industry at CES.

Both Apple and Verizon declined to comment. We'll update as more information becomes available. [Bloomberg]


Not big news since Verizons network will have the same network problems as AT&T network if the iPhone lands their