Retail PSP Games Run from MemoryStick

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I'm getting a massive headache today, but I must trudge on. Now my PHP isn't working on my box. The module loads but nothing runs.

The news is big: the geek-masters-flex have figured out how to launch an image of Lumines from a memory stick. Why does this matter? It means that soon the torrent sites will be flooded—not really... there aren't that many games—with UMD iso files containing retail games. It also means that the next big story on Time Magazine will be "The NEW PIRATES" and the first paragraph will read: "Dick Hertz, a self-described Elite Hacker, is 12. He pirates PSP games using a program called 'n00bbuster' and runs a website called He is the face of the new software pirates. We interviewed him over a new chat program called IRC."

BREAKiNG NEWS: World's first PSP Launcher- for Lumines! []