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Rezhound Will Fetch You a Table at [Insert Exclusive Restaurant] Anytime

Illustration for article titled Rezhound Will Fetch You a Table at [Insert Exclusive Restaurant] Anytime

Have you been trying to get a table a Babbo since the beginning of time? Stop calling that snooty hostess incessantly a month in advance. Instead, try Rezhound, a new site that will alert you when a spot opens up on OpenTable.


Pick your region, then pick the restaurant you want to go to, the size of your party, and the time and date you want to go. Give Rezhound your email, and they'll let you know when that exclusive restaurant you've been dying to get into for months has a table for you. Magic. Delicious, ingenious magic. [h/t Twitter]

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This doesn't make sense to me. The only time you need a service to watch for an open reservation for you is if if the restaurant is very hard to get into, like The French Laundry. However, they make you specify a date and time. Well guess what? TFL is booked at 7PM on Jan 15, also 16th, also ______ (enter any date here). If I have to specify a date, I could just check it myself on Open Table. What it should do is check for an opening for the party size and rough time I want a table (dinner vs lunch) for everyday, until it finds something.