RIAA's Answer to Jobs: More DRM, Not Less

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Recording Industry Association of America chief Mitch Bainwol had an answer for the lecture to the music industry delivered by Steve Jobs in an open letter earlier this week: More digital rights management, not less. The RIAA czar suggested that Apple should open up its FairPlay DRM technology to all comers—spreading DRM far and wide—rather than eliminating anti-piracy technology across the industry as Jobs proposed. Said Bainwol in a prepared statement:

"We have no doubt that a technology company as sophisticated and smart as Apple could work with the music community to make that happen."


We're siding with Jobs on this one. What, if Jobs spreads Apple's copy protection around, will the record companies start putting FairPlay DRM on CDs, too? How long is it going to take before these RIAA cretins figure out that DRM doesn't work? Even FairPlay's DRM, while less restrictive than some, still blows.

Music industry group fires back at Apple [Associated Press]



Am I the only one being naive when I find it odd that Jobs all of a sudden wants to drop DRM since he's getting in trouble in Europe over it? Jobs is God. All hail!

Using DRM to leverage your portable music player to the point of golden cow worship. Only allowing interoperability between your music store and your music player. (*cough* I do believe MS got smacked down when they tried to discontinue Office support for Mac well before OpenOffice. *cough*) Now when your goose is up and you're going to get sued, cry boo-hoo the record companies made me do it, DRM is bad we should get rid of it. Makes Job look like the martyr that he wants to be, not the kind of guy who disowns his sister for saying he doesn't flush his own poops.

"But I'm all about the music! The people!"…….again, this from the guy who just fought with the record label Apple after promising them they wouldn't enter the music business. After watching Apple take queues from Microsoft, I'm beginning to the main difference between the two of them is the PR department.

Put your money where your mouth is Steve. If you hate DRM so bad, stop selling the infected crap on iTunes until the record companies give in.