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Rick and Morty's Fast-Food Fascination Has Taken a Stomach-Lurching Turn

The Adult Swim series visits Las Vegas and brings the "Pickle Rick Frosty" in a Wendy's cross-promotion.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Two plastic cups adorned with Rick and Morty-style art and filled with bright-green Pickle Rick Frosties.
Oh jeez.
Image: Adult Swim

Back in 2017, the world beheld the awesome power of desperately hungry Rick and Morty fans when that unofficial McDonald’s “Szechuan Sauce” tie-in promotion went sideways—then righted itself, sort of. Last year, the Adult Swim series officially aligned itself with a new fast-food partner: Wendy’s, pushing the chain’s new and improved French fries. That relationship has now evolved further, and dessert may never be the same.

Behold! The limited-edition Pickle Rick Frosty, touted as “a pickle twist on the iconic Frosty” but with no other information given in Adult Swim’s press release, aside from the image you see above. (This technically isn’t its debut, as it was previously available at a similar event in Los Angeles last year.) The Frosty comes in either vanilla or chocolate under normal circumstances; presumably this slimy new twist will be pickle-flavored (?) and garnished with what appear to be Hooters-style deep-fried pickles or pickle chips. Will drinking it earn you the friendship of Jaguar (memorably voiced by Danny Trejo in the 2018 Rick and Morty episode, which won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program)? Probably not, but its aftereffects might give you an excuse to duck out of family therapy, Rick Sanchez-style?


The only place to partake of this intriguingly ghoulish culinary gimmick is Resorts World Las Vegas, which is hosting Morty’s Mayhem, a “larger-than-life activation” designed to entice the crowds that’ll be flooding in this weekend (March 17-20) alongside March Madness. (March 17 also happens to be St. Patrick’s Day, so perhaps the Pickle Rick Frosty is also a way to stick it to McDonald’s seasonal and similarly-hued Shamrock Shake.) Should you happen to be in the area on those dates, you can “walk through a custom Rick and Morty LED experience, get a chance to win premium Rick and Morty prizes, [and] enjoy viewing screens to watch the tournament games.”

Unlike most things in Vegas, the activation event is free—but the main draw is absolutely gonna be the Pickle Rick Frosty, which, let’s face it, still won’t be enough to fill the holes in hearts of fans longing to learn when season six is going to arrive. We’ll be keeping an eye on social media, though, to see what junk-food connoisseurs make of this freaky treat.


Update, March 15, 1:58 p.m.: This post has been updated to note that the Pickle Rick Frosty actually debuted last year in Los Angeles. Did you try it? Let us know!

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