Ricoh Caplio 500SE Camera Shrugs Off Dust, Likes WiFi and Bluetooth

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Ricoh's announced these wireless capable digital cameras over in Japan, and we can only hope to see them stateside soon. The 8.13 Megapixel camera can send photos by Bluetooth 2.0, while the W model connects by both Bluetooth and B/G WiFi. On the front, there's a 3x zoom lens that we have no other info on, and on the back, you'll find a 2.5 inch LCD. The camera prefers that you feed it SD cards, unless you want to use the 26MB of internal memory. Yech, what does that hold? Two or three 8-megapixel images? These cameras cost about a grand ($1100 for the WiFi model), and weigh about a pound, including the water resistant, hard candy shell.

Ricoh Caplio [Dottocomu]


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