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RipCode Can Stream Flash Videos to the iPad, No Problem

Illustration for article titled RipCode Can Stream Flash Videos to the iPad, No Problem

A company named RipCode has an interesting solution to Apple's blocking of Flash on the iPad. Simply transcode Flash video to play right in Safari, much like you can stream various video codecs over your home network.


According to RipCode, their TransAct Transcoder V6 requires no special clients or modifications to host sites. Rather, RipCode will transcode simple Flash content like Hulu clips in the cloud to an iPad-friendly codec, providing a transparent fix to the Flash-less iPad.


(You could play YouTube clips straight from YouTube, for instance, without ever knowing the difference.)

Of course, two things need to happen for RipCode to be successful: Individual siites needs to adopt the technology (even if it requires no special site recoding), and Apple needs to turn a blind eye to the loophole (lest they seal it shut through a firmware update).

In other words, RipCode could spark a minor revolution, or it could just smoke itself out. [RipCode via Notebooks]

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Apple are dirty little bastards! I just found out today that i cant even upgrade my CPU in my macbook pro that i got 2 months ago because ITS FUCKING SOLDERED IN! so i have to purchase in brand new one if i want an i7 in it!

Not only that, what right has apple got to tell us we cant use flash? Its bullshit. The only reason they dont want us using it is because nobody would be stupid enough to pay for itunes content when they can hop over to quicksilverscreen!