Rumor Smashed: Meizu Didn't Rip Off Artist For Phone Renders

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Despite making a Meizu phone that looks way too close to the iPhone to be a coincidence, the latest news about Meizu ripping off an artist to pimp their work is off-base. It's true that someone placed Deviant Art artist Lithium Picnic's photo onto a Meizu M8, but it turns out that the image was actually rendered by a fan on Meizu's forums. Not that it makes things any more legit, but Meizu themselves aren't to blame for this round of appropriating someone else's work and calling it their own. [Meizu]


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Well Hello hello, seems to me that maybe (just maybe) I would not be crying foul game. One has to learn not to cry over spilled milk. But this comes from a guy who as an elevated sense of selfsteem.

Oh and lookie look... what do we have here? a convenient way to download said pic to your mobile? I wonder how many people would have noticed it? (Just below the "Buy this Print" red link, here.

My business sense is tingling... Quickly, phone Meizu and get a deal to distribute said image (oh and the one with the purple and black hairdo) with the phone (GLOBAL EXPOSURE ENSUES!!!)... Best of luck, hope he finds who ever used his pic on said forum and the Sanrio megacorporation decides not to sue him...