Either he's a huge musical theatre fan or just a very disturbed individual. Maybe both. Whatever the reason, murdering someone and baking them in to meat pies isn't original, but it is ghastly. (Annnd, possibly delicious?)

It's a real life Sweeney Todd but without all the annoying singing. The Daily Mail UK reports that a Russian cafe owner has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his father-in-law, grinding up his flesh, and possibly serving him up in as many as "two dozen" meat pies.


Moscow authorities haven't released the names of alleged murderer or his delicious victim. We do know that this seems to be a regular occurrence in Russia. In 2009 two cannibals killed and then ate parts of a 16-year old girl. Recently, another cook killed a guy and made sausages and meatballs from his corpse. So if you visit Russia and have a hankering for a savory pastry, we humbly suggest you visit the frozen section of the local supermarkets. [The Daily Mail UK]

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