Samsung F700 Coming to Verizon?

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According to the folks at Crunchgear, a variant of the much hyped Samsung F700 will be making its way into the open arms of Verizon users sometime in the near future. Outside of that, no other details exist and an official announcement has yet to be made —so try and keep your excitement in check. [CrunchGear]


why would they go with verizon if verizon is already getting the voyager which is pretty much (and i say that loosely) the same device: front large touch screen, slide/open brings up full keyboard, potential iPhone killer. i dont know, Sprint hasnt got much love lately (i dont even give them love), and they have a really nice, really easy to use interface. i dont think its the reception thats Sprints problem, i think most of their newer phones cover the antenna/reciever with plastic which will obviously make the signal weaker, especially if its where u put ur hand to hold it.

P.S. why do u guys cares about the UI of this IF it goes to Verizon? havent u guys seen the interface of the voyager and venus? plus the new chocolate has multiple UI's built in!