Samsung Glyde (aka U940 née F700) Pops Up in Verizon's Database

Illustration for article titled Samsung Glyde (aka U940 née F700) Pops Up in Verizons Database

Samsung's long-linger F700/u940, has been rumored to hit the big V for a while, but Phone Area's reporting that it's now locked and cocked in Verizon's internal InfoManager as the Glyde, though sans date or price. Spec sheet confirms cam's cut to a paltry 2MP but all the old specs look otherwise intact, but with added goodness of EV-DO, and Verizon's usual scarlet bag of tricks like VCAST and VZNavigator. [Phone-Arena]


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Howard Forums and more recently Engadget both have pics of this phone (including thickness). And I don't see anything new in this report that hasn't been known for weeks or months over on HoFo. Though I guess if Phone Arena got "official confirmation" from Verizon it is a bit more reliable.