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Verizon's F700 Variant Could Actually Be the Samsung SCH-U940

Illustration for article titled Verizons F700 Variant Could Actually Be the Samsung SCH-U940

Last week we mentioned a rumor that a variant of the Samsung F700 could make its way on the Verizon network sometime in the near future. Today, another rumor from Phone Arena has determined that the variant is actually the Samsung SCH-U940, and it is set to make its official debut sometime in the next few months. Details are scarce but word on the street is that the U940 will feature a 440x240 pixel touch screen, a slide out QWERTY keyboard, and a 2 MP camera downgrade from the 3MP version found on the F700. Again, keep in mind that no official announcement has been made. [Phone Arena]


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@saych: that's the way verizon does it. haha

but if samsung is gonna make this phone in a CDMA flavor, i'd really love to see it hit sprint with the adobe-designed UI. i'd be more than greatful for the 2MP camera because i've decided that 800x600 is fucking enough on a phone, multi-magapixel camera phones are overkill. what i think is more important is a speakerphone that sounds clear on both ends, a good music player, and being able to multitask. (sending an IM or a text, or even looking at the fucking clock, without stopping the music and exiting media player. something i hate my phone for because it doesnt have that.)

and @bigMoneyMIKE: EV-DO enabled phone's cant do analog. i'm not sure why, but look at sprint's power vision lineup and i dont think a single one will handle an analog AMPS signal. so dual-mode would be the way. especially if it included both EV-DO/Rev.A and HSDPA/HSUPA/UMTS, but my dreams rarely become reality.