Samsung Korea has teaser up for its YP-M1 media player (pictured to the right of the pink R1). Notably, the site mentions an Nvidia chipset…could it be Tegra? That would match recent reports, and make the M1 a worthy successor to the P3.

Illustration for article titled Samsung M1 Media Player Confirmed, May Use Nvidia Tegra

The M1 will feature a 3.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen using Samsung's TouchWiz user interface, Divx video support, a built-in accelerometer and DMB TV (for Korea).

It could be too early to tell, but it's looking like Samsung has shat the Wi-Fi bed again—one of our main gripes when we reviewed the P3. If the M1 does lack Wi-Fi, it could face an uphill battle against rivals like the Tegra-powered, Wi-Fi-equipped Microsoft Zune HD. [Samsung via DAP Review via Crave Asia]

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