Samsung miCoach (F110) Fitness Phone Reviewed

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A partnership between Adidas and Samsung has resulted in the miCoach (F110) cellphone—a device that promises an experience akin to " having your own personal coach with you on every run." Obviously, there are plenty of gadgets out there that can play MP3s, develop workout plans, monitor your heart rate and help you achieve your fitness goals, but this is the first time all of this functionality has been crammed into a cellphone. It sounds intriguing as an all-purpose workout aid, but the question is, does it work? According to the folks at Pocket-lint, the answer is yes—with a caveat or two.


According to their findings, the miCoach is easy to use and the features would definitely be a useful tool for fitness-minded individuals. Even the phone itself was impressive with features that include a 2-megapixel camera, 1GB MP3 player, microSD card slot, Bluetooth 2.0, and quad-band connectivity. However, the major problem is that users cannot take advantage of this software on any other Samsung phone—and the company claims that there are no plans to remedy that anytime in the near future. Still, it seems like a fitness tool with some potential—and customers looking to shed a few pounds can get their hands on one starting this April. Pricing information has not been made available. Hit the link for the full review. [Pocket-lint and miCoach]



that's a turd phone. Nokia's sports tracker software (free) is compatible with any Nokia s60 phones: []

it tracks your routes via gps and logs them for future comparison. Compare your performance with others through a facebook plug-in.