Illustration for article titled Samsung Owes Apple a Comedically Huge $1.05 Billion in Damages (Updated)

The patent trial of the century is not going well for Samsung; the jury has ruled almost entirely in Apple's favor, with damages so far totaling a hilarious $1.05 billion. That's about a quarter of Samsung's operating profit in Q4 of 2011 (but only a tenth of Apple's cash on hand), and could have massive repercussions for both it and the industry going forward.


Oh and Samsung was awarded... no dollars. Not even a commemorative koozie.

Follow along with the rest of the trial here, we're updating live!


Update: After noticing a few inconsistencies in the verdict, the judge asked the jury to reconsider some of its findings, which resulted in a whopping 0.24% reduction in charges. So that's $1,049,343,540 it owes Apple now. Phew!

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