Samsung SCH-a870 Family-Friendly Cellphone With VibeTonz

Samsung and Verizon Wireless just unleashed the SCH-a870 onto the mobile phone market in the US. The clamshell is being marketed as a family-friendly cellphone, so don't expect too many whizz-bang features here.

What you will find on the SCH-a870 are some of the little nickel-and-dime services that Verizon Wireless is in love with nowadays, like Get It Now. The cellphone also boasts VibeTonz, some gimmicky vibration feature that bounces in correlation with the beat of games and ring tones.


Samsung rates the SCH-a870 as having 200 minutes of talk time or up to 170 hours while on standby mode. Speakerphone and Bluetooth round out the by-the-numbers cellphone, which costs $49.99 (with $50 rebate) after selling your soul to Verizon Wireless for two years.

Product Page [Samsung via Slashphone]

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