Samsung: We're Not Backing Down from Apple Litigation

If your heart grew two sizes when Apple and HTC decided to settle their patent disputes with money instead of lawyers (or guns?), prepare for shrinkage. When asked if Samsung would follow suit—or lack thereof—its mobile head, J.K. Shin, gave an emphatic no. To the jousting field!

It's not like anyone expected Samsung to forgo its legal battles; it can afford the fight better than HTC can, for one thing, and also already has so much invested in it that it may as well double down. Besides, in a lot of countries—Japan and the Netherlands, specifically—it's winning. There are lawsuits in 10 countries still being contested. Why give up now?


So sorry, you holiday true believers. The only people who have much to be thankful for here are patent lawyers with sky-high piles of billable hours. But for the rest of us who like a good knock-down, drag-out fight, things are just getting good. [AFP]

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...and how many lawsuits does Apple have currently? I'm sorry but I hope Samsung takes Apple to the mat and gets every last dollar out of them....then...I want the damn patent law F&)@#&$@ fixed so all this crap - Apple or Samsung or whoever can't pull this crap anymore.