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Samsung's Solution to Coming LCD Sales Drop? Making Your TV Obsolete

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

According to Samsung, by 2010, the majority of people who want an LCD TV will have one, and after that, they expect sales to drop sharply. Their solution? Entice buyers with radically new, must have technology.


Today at the Samsung Tech Forum, JunHyung Souk, vice president of display R&D, thinks that television revenues could decline considerably after 2010, falling by as much as 40 percent. Souk thinks that LCD TV sales have reached a point where they can't possibly grow anymore and a new innovation is needed to keep buyers in their pocket. As such, he revealed a number of areas Samsung is looking to for a boost, including 3D display technology, OLED and personal device concepts, including folding LCDs, and paper-like displays. However, 3D aside, there is no word as to when any of these technologies will actually reach the consumers


In addition, other Samsung speakers touched on future plans for display technology. VP of R&D, HyunSuk Kim, predicted that ultra-high definition displays (2160p) would be in retail markets by 2011, and mentioned off-hand the development of a dual display TV technology, which involves using a smaller display device to control a large, flat panel LCD. He also feels that 3D content will really gain steam in the second half of 2009, noting that content offerings were beginning to surface in many areas. [Samsung on Giz]