Flexible OLED Display is .05mm Thick, Flaps Around in the Wind

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Samsung has unveiled an ultra-thin 'flapping' OLED screen at FPD International 2008, demonstrating the flexibility of the display by letting it bend and flutter in the wind. At a paper-thin .05mm, the 4-inch screen is still able to create an image of 480x272 pixels, with a 100,000:1 contrast ratio and 100% reproduction of the NTSC color gamut, which is in line with most new flat panel screens on the market. If this all sounds familiar, it's because Sony made a lot of the same claims a few weeks ago — but they didn't have the balls to let their screen go all flippy-floppy in public. Samsung couldn't accomplish this with a normal glass substrate for obvious reasons, so they pioneered a new "sputtering" technique to coat the panel with a flexible membrane. Here's how it goes: a block of the coating material is blasted with an ion gun, causing it to eject bits of itself into an thermodynamically unbalanced cloud of atoms, which then cling to and form a film on anything else in the vacuum chamber — namely, this floppety panel. This looks like it is just a one-off, unpriced expo unit, but at least we know it's possible. This tech come interesting close in capability to Samsung's other recently demonstrated ultra-thin color display, so we might have the beginning of an confusing display tech overlap. Cool, Samsung. Please sort that out, and wake me up when my shirt is a TV. [TechOn via OLED Display]

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Video of the unit in motion would be nice