Sanyo's Big and Bright 4200 Lumen T-Series Projectors

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Sanyo has launched two new 4200 ANSI lumen projectors that pack enough punch to throw a screen up just about anywhere, regardless of whether the lights are on or not. The PLC-ET30L will give you 1400 x 1050 resolution, while the more affordable PLC-XT21/L produces 1024 x 768. Aside from the resolutions, both models seem identical in other respects and both models let you go big, in fact, huge; that is as long as you consider 300" diagonal big, so you better set aside a comparatively hefty budget for your screen.

If you want to take the home theater out of the darkened theater room into a large open space, either of these models has the power to do it. If you have a big back yard and a knack for careful installation, they would be perfect for setting up an outdoor theater; though at 300" you might want to be a little careful what you watch. While there are no HDMI ports, both models offer D-Sub 15 and DVI-D as well as Composite and S-Video.

Lack of HDMI connectivity might scare some people away, but DVI-D is comparable in quality. If you want to run a seriously powerful system from an HTPC, either of these models could be the ticket. The only problem is the price, at $6,495 for the PLC-ET30L and $4,495 for the PLC-XT21/L, buying these would be a tad difficult to justify. I won't buy either of these models, but it never hurts to dream big. Oh, and don't forget to remember the $3,833 for the screen. [Sanyo via Oh Gizmo!]

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its a business projector, mainly.