Seamless, né SeamlessWeb, is our favorite enabler of 21st century sloth—a few clicks, and food arrives at your door or desk, virtually no human interaction required. It's lovely! And now it's on your iPad at its indulgent best.


Unlike the iPhone version, which is more or less the functionality of the website stuffed into Apple's clothing, the iPad app was created from scratch, and it shows. It's beautiful, yes—giant photos of your food, a surprisingly effective plate-based GUI—but it also offers a lot the website simply doesn't. Filtering is a swipe-based breeze, allowing you to look for a place that serves sushi and BBQ, for instance.

The variety of ways to narrow down the massive restaurant list makes seeking out lunch or dinner less overwhelming, but the app also makes it easy to browse past orders if you're the habitual burrito type.


But design aside, the app has one even larger thing going for it—this is the best way, I'd argue ever, to order in for a group. Instead of having to keep track of everyone's order (DUDE I SAID I WANTED A PEPSI), just pass around the iPad and let your pals pick on their own. The iPad's form factor complements hungry hands. Getting everyone to pay, however, might still cause some tension.

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