The Times' Bits blog has an interesting little item on how the iPad is already making its way around the globe, courtesy of gadget travel agency eBay. Here are the countries who are paying top dollar.


Any enterprising geek worth his salt knows that if you're looking to flip a hot new gadget, eBay's the place to do it. Especially when that gadget isn't officially available worldwide, and especially especially when Britain and the United Arab Emirates are involved.

The former has been the biggest buyer of eBay iPads—they've purchased a total of 550 devices—and the UAE paid the most for theirs: $537 above retail price (presumably on average).

Greece, for all of its financial troubles, still paid $269 over retail for the iPads they purchased, though with apps still pretty pricey across the board, jailbreaking will likely seem an attractive option. [NY Times Bits]


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