Sennheiser's New Travel Buds Give You Three Ways to Wipe Out Noise

Illustration for article titled Sennheiser's New Travel Buds Give You Three Ways to Wipe Out Noise

Screaming babies, turbofan engine roar, the drone of air conditioning units—traveling can be a sonic nightmare. Sennheiser wants to help with new pair of earbuds that give you three modes of noise-destroying goodness.


The diminutive CXC 700's first profile absorbs low-frequency noise (100-400 Hz). That'll take care of your plane, train and bus engines. Mode two focuses on the medium frequency range (400 to 3,000 Hz)—blocking out things like the mind-numbing hum of air conditioning units on planes and office buildings. And if you really want to shut out the world, mode three will crush almost all ambient sound—from background airport chatter to that phlegmly seat mate.

Like Sennheiser's other travel headphones, there's even a handy TalkThrough function for quick conversations (drink orders) that won't require you to remove your earphones. And once you've passed out, the CXC 700s are designed to actually be comfortable while pressed up again a pillow, letting you snooze in clamorless bliss.

Alas, the price of destroying the world's more annoying sounds won't come cheap. Like the rest of Sennheiser's noise-cancelling travel line-up, the CXC 700s will be 'spensive. $320 to be precise. [Sennheiser]