Seth Green on his new Star Wars series: "We won't f—- it up."

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Seth Green and Matthew Senreich are hard at work on the third Robot Chicken Star Wars special, plus a whole new Star Wars series! They told us what to expect, including a joke that overlaps with Family Guy's third special.

We caught up to Green and Senreich last week, and they talked up the third Robot Chicken Star Wars special — it's going to have more of a continuing story thread than the first two did. "It'll be sketches all over the canon, but there will be a more linear canon... actually from before the first prequel to Return Of The Jedi," says Green.


I asked them whether they come up with Star Wars jokes and then have to wrestle over whether they belong in the Robot Chicken special, or in the new series. Green says it's more on the level of whether some jokes are appropriate for this special. "Some jokes you just don't want to make. Or some jokes just aren't funny."

Adds Senreich, "For us, we're now doing our third Star Wars special. So it's one of these things where these characters have developed their own personalities, and that has become a life of its own as far as making new jokes."


Senreich says he's watched the original Star Wars movies hundreds or thousands of times at this point. "I'm the guy who'll be like, 'Did you hear that? They shut down the main reactor!'" says Senreich. But Green hasn't watched them that many times — the one he's watched the most is Empire Strikes Back, which he's seen ten times.

So at first, Green and Senreich were barely willing to admit their fabled new Star Wars series even existed. Then Green broke down and told us, "It's probably like two years, legitimately, before anybody will have anything real to say about that. It's so early, but it is going to be awesome. I promise, we're not to fuck it up. We take it really seriously. We won't abuse [your] trust."


We were wondering if the Robot Chicken and Family Guy people had some rivalry over their different Star Wars specials, but in fact Green and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane have appeared in each other's specials. Green describes their relationship as "playfully collaborative" and Senreich says they have "a bond."

And in fact, Green says the same joke appears in both the Family Guy Return Of The Jedi special and the third Robot Chicken Star Wars special. Says Green,

I recorded with MacFarlane the other day. And we were both talking about a gag we both have. Usually we'll call each other on this, like a gag that we both have in the Star Wars [specials] so we don't duplicate. But we both have the same gag in the third Jedi and in our third one. And we talked about it, like, "Maybe we should..." And we were both like, "You know, fuck it." It's funny in both directions. It's like it's a different joke... or it's the same joke told in a different way.


Now we'll have to keep our eyes open to see what joke he's talking about.