Sharp's Dangerously Skinny SX633 Cellphone

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Sharp's getting into the cellphone game even deeper with the SX633, a 0.7-inch thick, 3.7-ounce clamshell that operates on the tried and true GSM standard. In an effort to stand out from the other six zillion cellphones released on a daily basis, the keypad is of the stainless steel variety, so make sure not to get it wet. Since it's a Sharp product, they've attached their wondrous Aquos brand name onto the cellphone's 2.2-inch display.

Of course, since nobody wants a cellphone that's just able to reliably make and receive phone calls, Sharp's tacked on many of the standard multimedia features cluttering cellphone design, among them, MPEG-4 video playback and and MP3/AAC audio playback. You can even record up to six hours of video in the aforementioned MPEG-4 format. Since it only includes 20MB of built-in memory, you might want to consider throwing in a microSD card while you've got the chance.


Be prepared to spend more than $500 if you're looking to import Sharp's latest clamshell from Hong Kong.

Sharp SX633 (in Chinese) [PhoneDaily via Slashphone]

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