Shoulderbrella: Because Holding Your Umbrella Is Haaaarrrd

Illustration for article titled Shoulderbrella: Because Holding Your Umbrella Is Haaaarrrd

Just when you begin to consider the world a cold place where ingenuity couldn't exist without a touchscreen, a Japanese inventor busts out the Shoulderbrella.


Adhering to the end of any stock umbrella, the $25 Shoulderbrella is a flexible, pipe-cleaner-like accessory that wraps around your body to hold your umbrella for you while leaving your two hands free for lugging groceries, holding the hands of children or starting bare-knuckle street fights with those other umbrella jerks who are always poking you in the face. The tables have turned, haven't they Mr. Anatopistic Golf Umbrella? [Shoulderbrella via RedFerret]


Oddly enough, I was in Kyoto last year and it was raining like crazy and I really wanted to take pictures of the big temple and its gardens. I had a dinky little travel umbrella and it was really hard to keep the camera dry while attempting to keep myself dry and compose halfway decent shots. I kind of like this item as an accessory, but it just seems a bit bulky. I think that a large umbrella-hat might be the solution, perhaps... something maybe 3 feet in diameter, maybe. Hmmmm.