Sign Language Performances Make Every Eminem Song Better

The music of Eminem is extremely good, but do you know what’s better? Watching videos of people performing his songs in American Sign Language.


These videos perfectly encapsulate the edginess of Eminem’s musical genius, while conveying important information to the hearing-impaired.

This is the magic of YouTube. People confidently doing weird shit.

I’m inspired.

*hits bong*

Yep, that’s hardcore.

Feel those rhymes.

This blog post is dedicated to JK Trotter, who inspires me to find the beauty that lies within YouTube’s darkest corners.

Eve Peyser was the night editor at Gizmodo.


due to poor life choices, I’ve found myself involved (or present) at waaaaay too many events where official speeches are delivered, and the single most fun thing about them is watching the ASL translator do their thing- their expressions and body language tend to be kinda over-the-top, and when they’re signing something they don’t agree with (political stuff) it gets funny- the facial expressions often say far more than their hands.

next time you see an ASL signer- watch them. I promise they’re more fun than the speaker, every time.