Silly animation imagines if Fast and Furious 7's stunts were realistic

Some people think the Fast and Furious movie franchise is too ridiculous and dumb and filled with stunts that are even more realistic and dumb. Those people are so, so wrong. Because it really doesn’t matter how crazy it gets because it’s fun as hell to watch. You wouldn’t want to see the realistic version because they’d just be stuck in traffic all the time.


CollegeHumor pokes fun at the ridiculous stunts of Furious 7 in this silly animation and shows how the stunts would go down if they were more realistic. Spoilers, sort of!

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I honestly don’t hate the movies because of the crazy stunts and the ridiculousness of it all... I just hate that I really never care about the characters or the story line.

Now, I’m not asking for the series to be the next great written film, but I don’t see why you can’t try to make it into a story that you are completely invested in with characters you are love.