Six Cloned Labradors Enter the Korean Customs Service

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Six cloned male golden Labradors named Toppy look set to be sniffing suitcases for the Korean Customs Service. The cloning method was developed by a team at Seoul National University led by Lee Byeong-chun, former lieutenant of disgraced scientist Woo-Suk Hwang, who was found to have fabricated research. Their father was chosen due to his exceptional drug sniffing abilities and good temperament. While still a ways off from sniffing out contraband, the six Toppies have already passed the first of round of genetic and behavioral testing and look set to continue the family tradition. As long as they can keep their noses out of passengers' crotches, they should be fine. [Chosun via Far East Gizmos and The Niche]

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Does this mean the original Toppy, now famous for his exceptional smelling abilities, will go start a rogue nation where drug sniffing dogs can find their place in life for eternity, only to be stopped twice and eventually assassinated by his unknowing clone Solid Toppy? Then a second clone, Liquid Toppy, now in charge of the special drug-sniffing unit takes control of a top-secret facility and holds the government ransom for his genetic father's remains so as to correct the genetic defects in his soldiers. In response, the government would send in Solid Toppy to assassinate him and spread a secret virus throughout the facility...

Or, they could just be cloned dogs... >_>

@Daimyo Nintendo: What's your problem? You have something agaist South Korea? As Kimistry wrote above, the South Korean economy is fine. Just because they're making some advances in cloning that the US doesn't have a strong "competition" for doesn't mean you have to get your pants in a bunch.