Sketchbook Ink, Rockmate, and More

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With this week's best iPad apps, we're helping you flex your creative muscle. We've got all kinds of tools to help you be a media-making machine.

Sketchbook Ink: When Apple announced the new iPad back in March, it hyped some forthcoming apps on it, too. One of those was Sketchbook Ink, which hit the App Store this week. It lets you can create full-color drawings using your finger, and it's optimized for that shiny new retina display. $1.99


Rockmate: Rockmate creates a mini-music studio on your iPad. It lets you play, record, and produce songs by yourself or with three other players at the same time. You can mess around with a dozen drum kits, 16 keyboard kits, voice recorder, a looper, and all kinds of other tools. Once you're finished, you can drop your new tracks on Facebook, or export them to Soundcloud or iTunes. $2.99


CinePro: Everyone's adding filters to their stills, so why not add them to videos as well? CinePro lets you do just that, with live, customizable options, different colors to choose from, and of course, the instant-dramatizing tilt-shift. You can make movies in all kinds of styles and post them to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Free