Small But Heavy: Samsung Q35 Notebook

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Here's the Samsung Asian Babe of the Day holding another of the company's zillions of products, and this one's the Q35 which it calls the world's smallest dual core laptop. It has a 12.1-inch 1280x800 widescreen display and is powered by the Intel Core Duo T2700 processor running at 2.33GHz. The only weird thing about that part of the announcement is that Intel's 2.33GHz T2700 Core Duo chip reportedly won't be available until Q3 of this year. Hmm.

Its 4.1 pound weight seems a little heavy for this type of PC, but it s kinda nice that there's an onboard DVD burner. The standard config includes an 80GB disk and 512MB of RAM, and the company says its six-cell battery will run for seven hours on a charge. Don't expect to see it before July in the UK, and it will probably be selling for around $1700.


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